Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml


A true classic on our tables. Extra virgin olive oil is an oil with an intense aroma and a balanced, harmonious taste that preserves all the organoleptic properties of olives harvested and pressed exclusively in Italy using mechanical procedures. Packaged in classic glass bottles, also in the 250 ml format, it will give precious notes that will enhance your dishes.

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The Liquid Gold of the Mediterranean

The king of condiments on our tables, olive oil has graced dishes throughout the Mediterranean basin since ancient times. Described by Homer as a 'golden liquid' not only because of its colour, reminiscent of the hues of the precious metal, but also because of its organoleptic properties and benefits, olive oil has a history that has been intertwined with human history since the dawn of time

A Journey through Culture and Territory

Intense in colour and balanced in taste, our extra virgin olive oil is a casket of authentic virtues entrusted with telling the story of the identity of a land where olive-growing culture is a millenary tradition. Made using traditional methods, through mechanical processes that guarantee a superior quality product that preserves the intrinsic characteristics of the raw materials, La Limonaia's oil is a journey through the culture of our places. 

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