Pack of marmalades and honey 40g


Pack containing 1 orange marmalade of 40g, 1 lemon marmalade of 40g and 1 citrus honey of 50g

Lemons, sugar and passion in a jar. Our jams are handmade without the use of preservatives, just like those "homemade". We only use lemons that give us our gardens kissed by the sun that are not affected by chemical treatments. Honey with citrus notes make it suitable for sweetening any type of drink, meeting the tastes of all. Not being subjected to any heating process in order not to alter the organoleptic qualities, it can manifest crystallization effects as a guarantee of the naturalness of the product. Packaged in glass jars with closure capsule with safety flip retains its integrity and fragrance.

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100% Sorrento Oranges of our Garden

Our garden offers exquisite oranges with a very pronounced sweetness, the result of a fusion of two well-known trees variety, the Biondo Sorrentino and the Biondo Equense. Its cultivation dates back to 300 A.D. and involves the typical use of high pergolas where straw mats are arranged to act as cover and shelter so as to delay the ripening of the citrus fruit and ensure its harvest throughout the year.

Original Ancient Recipe

Just like our grandmothers used to do, we follow an ancient traditional recipe and make jams using only the citrus fruits that our gardens generously produce which are ideal for such preparation thanks to their peculiar sweetness. No preservatives or additives, in each jar you will find all the fragrance of one of the most beautiful citrus groves on the Sorrento Coast.

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