Citrus Honey 100g


The delicacy and fragrance of this honey, which is also evident in the straw colour in which it appears, is reminiscent of orange blossom with a hint of citrus notes that make it suitable for sweetening any type of beverage, meeting everyone's taste. As it does not undergo any heating process to avoid altering its organoleptic qualities, it may show crystallisation effects as a guarantee of the product's naturalness. Available in 100 g glass jars

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Honey sweet Elixir

With the emotion of its taste, honey tells the story of an encounter, that ones  between bees and the beauty of flowers. A true panacea for our organism, revealing antiseptic, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as a formidable antioxidant against free radicals and it is also a true friend of the skin. With all its varieties, it is a clear expression of the territory in which it is produced.

A Fascinating Journey

The journey taken by honey is long and fascinating, and knowing its origin and its history makes us appreciate every single spoonful of it  even more. From the beehive to the laboratory we work in full respect of tradition and natural processes to guarantee quality honey. All operations to extract the honey are still carried out manually, in no way altering its precious properties and with full respect for the bees.

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